Stephanie Tiefenthaler is our Instagram Weekly Winner!


Congratulations to artist Stephanie Tiefenthaler, our latest weekly winner! Stephanie is a full-time, self-taught artist from Arizona. She began painting paint by number projects until she became a mom. It was then that her cute canvas paintings for her daughter's bedroom slowly blossomed into a career in art.

She paints on everything from canvases to tumblers and happily coats it all in ArtResin. Now she can stay home and provide for her family while doing what she loves the most.



Stephanie's process begins by painting a canvas or tumbler and then adding glitter for some extra pizazz. She'll then mix up some resin and pour it over top in a comfortably warm environment. A heat gun or torch will help pop any bubbles and then 24 hours later her piece is protected and complete!




You can find more of Stephanie’s work ONLY on Etsy: @simplystephanieart



Congratulations on your win, Stephanie!


To celebrate all the amazing artists staying home and creating, every week we will be sending out a FREE Petri Dish Art Kit to one lucky artist who has tagged us on Instagram—and we'll share their work with the world! 



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