Top 10 ArtResin DIY Projects

Since Day One, ArtResin has been a labor of love.

Dave and Rebecca, inspired by their love of art and their love of eachother, experimented, problem-solved and collaborated for almost a decade to create an epoxy resin that met their exacting standards.  

Their ideal resin had to be:

Check mark symbol safe
Check mark symbol easy to use
Check mark symbol non-yellowing  

Once they developed a resin perfect enough to use on their own artwork, they couldn't wait to share it with their fellow artists ...

And so, ArtResin was born :)

Since then, ArtResin has helped artists, photographers, crafters, moms, dads, and kids create both beautiful pieces of art and beautiful memories.

We're proud to share a few of our own favorites ...

Welcome to the world, ArtResin :)


10 Artresin Ideas for your Projects

1. How To ArtResin A Garden Stone

2.  How To ArtResin Wedding Party Gifts

3.  How To Embed Beer Caps in ArtResin

4. How To ArtResin An Outdoor Bar Counter


5. How To Create A Custom Whiteboard With ArtResin

6.  How To ArtResin Thanksgiving Napkin Holders

7.  How To ArtResin Driftwood

8.  How To ArtResin A Metal Print

9.  How To ArtResin A First Baseball Game Keepsake  ( in 2 parts )

Part 1 

Part 2

10.  How To ArtResin Fall Leaves