The Penny Floor: ArtResin Makes An Appearance On The Marilyn Denis Show!

Happy Friday!

It's been a great week over here at ArtResin.  We've been working on some really fun videos and projects that we'll start rolling out next week - so stay tuned to our social media ( links are posted below ).

So speaking of social media, by far the MOST popular post on ArtResin's Pinterest page has been the Penny Floor.
This pin gets SO much traffic and has been liked, shared and repinned so many times, we've lost count.

And no wonder ... what a cool and beautiful project!! 

An epoxy resin treatment not only seals the pennies in formation and makes the floor durable & scuff proof, but ArtResin's crystal clear formulation will make the copper absolutely GLOW.

So earlier this week as we were flipping TV channels, imagine our surprise to see Scott McGillivray, one of our favorite designers, doing a penny floor segment on the Marilyn Denis Show, one of our favorite lifestyle shows!
And so, just imagine our DELIGHT when we spotted two familiar looking bottles on set, taking pride of place in between Scott and Marilyn ....

That's right!!!

ArtResin made its TV debut on Marilyn Denis!

Clearly, Scott McGillivray appreciates that ArtResin is non-toxic when used as directed, is safe for home use when used in a well ventilated area, is easy to use and offers a crystal clear, super durable, super high gloss finish ... as much as our amazing customers do!

Go ArtResin!!

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