How To Make A Resin Petri Dish - with Josie Lewis!

Posted on 5 Feb 15:13

Have you seen Josie Lewis' gorgeous Resin Petri Dishes and wondered how she does it?

A post shared by Josie Lewis (@petrifiedrainbow) on

A post shared by Josie Lewis (@petrifiedrainbow) on

A post shared by Josie Lewis (@petrifiedrainbow) on

Good news, friends!

Josie has very generously made a series of videos on her YouTube channel, showing step-by-step, how she makes her famous Resin Petri Dishes!

Her first video in the series covers off her favourite supplies - including ArtResin epoxy resin!  Josie has kindly provided links so you can purchase the very same inks and moulds that she uses.

Josie is so transparent with her methods that she even dedicates an entire video to what happens when things don't go as planned : her video Resin Petri Dish Failure is a behind-the-scenes glimpse at some of her less than stellar results and what they have taught her along the way.  

What we really want to know, though, is how she does it ... in other words, how to make a beautiful piece of art just like this:  


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To start with, you'll need supplies!
The following are a few of Josie's favourites:


Artist's Studio Torch

Nitrile gloves

plastic mixing vessel ( can be a bowl or a plastic mixing jug like the one pictured )  and a silicon or plastic stir stick

100% silicone molds in various sizes - these can also be found in the baking section of your local craft store

alcohol ink - also available at good art supply shops

 Before You Start:
- Working in a well ventilated area and wearing gloves, measure your ArtResin resin and hardener in precisely equal amounts by volume.
- Mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes, scraping the bottoms and sides of your mixing vessel as you go.
- Fill each section of your mold halfway with ArtResin.
- Lightly torch the surface of the resin, keeping the torch moving at all times, to get rid of any bubbles.
⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: We don't recommend torching your piece after you've added the alcohol ink. Alcohol is a solvent and as such, is highly flammable.  Instead, you can either torch the resin before you add the alcohol ink, or warm your resin and hardener in a warm water bath prior to measuring and mixing to greatly reduce bubbles.

And now, you're ready for the fun part!! 

Step 1:
- Add 5-10 drops of white alcohol ink into the resin

Step 2:
- Add 5-10 drops of pink or red alcohol ink on top of the white

Step 3: 
- Scatter 10-20 drops of gold alcohol ink onto the pink/white drops you put down in Steps 1 and 2, and onto the rest of the resin surface

Step 4: 
- Place 10-15 drops of pink OR 5 drops of white, followed by pink or red

After your resin petri dish has cured for 24 hrs, peel the silicon mold away from your resin petri dish ...


To watch Josie's process, step-by-step, and for some really great advice and tips along the way, check out Josie's full video below:

To see more of Josie's Resin Petri Dishes, check out her Instagram page at:

Let us know if you've tried making a Resin Petri Dish yourself!!
We'd love to see your work in the comments below ❤️