New Creative Direction for the ArtResin Blog

Posted on 12 Jul 15:55

Hello internet :)

It's Rebecca from ArtResin, and do I have good news for you.

Effective immediately our lovely little (admittedly malnourished) blog is getting a well deserved makeover. And not just the superficial kind where it looks prettier and functions better (although that is happening too, stay tuned!). This blog is getting taken over and taken seriously by yours truly, so let me introduce myself and I'll show you the vision for what's in store.


First, a video bio (...apologies in advance for 0:29-0:33...ugh):



As you can see, I'm a slightly serious girl with a silly side that sometimes gets captured on camera. Guilty as charged :)

What I looove most of all are creative projects that take me away to that zen-like headspace... you know, where time stands still... and everything's good... and one thing leads to the next... and you don't want to stop! This blog aims to get you there (and me there!) more often, with great inspiration in all its forms. In your inbox. Once a week. Boom.

Although ArtResin is now my full-time gig (/being a mom), I started out my career as an art teacher, which transitioned into teaching university art education (i.e. teaching pre-teachers how to teach art), which transitioned into a PhD researching how creativity can be nurtured in educational contexts. Ten years in, I feel well prepared and incredibly blessed to have my own little class of just two little kids, Zoë and TBA (baby boy with no name... yet... due in September 2016), and a business that allows me to be me—a creativity facilitator and passionate advocate for making things better through creative thinking and design.

artist/researcher/teacher rebecca zak

All this said, you can expect cool content coming henceforth from the ArtResin blog that is unmistakably from me—a slightly serious girl (with a silly side) with a lot of experience and ideas to share!

Through how-to videos and step-by-step instructions, I'll show you how to create fun and easy DIY projects for around the house, activities for the kids, and of course, resin tips and techniques. Whether my posts read like an article in a decorating magazine, an art class lesson plan, or a scholarly paper on creative philosophy, the common thread will be creativity—having more of it, more often. Because it just makes everything better. :)


- Rebecca Zak, PhD, Mom, etc.