Can Kids Use ArtResin Too?

Posted on 16 Mar 22:06

One of the great qualities of ArtResin is that it's non-toxic (when used as directed... don't drink it for goodness sake!). This means that it's safe to use at home with the kids and pets running around, and it's even safe for kids to use themselves!

Take a look at these little gems by our little friend Zella. Sure, she sounds like she could be a sibling to our kids, Zoë and Xavier, but Zella is actually the daughter of our Production Manager, Daniel Hayes. And she's an artist.

Here you see her sweet little paintings before and after ArtResin was applied. Dad Daniel was on hand to supervise the resin process and snap some pics for our blog.


BEFORE ArtResin:                 AFTER ArtResin:

before artresin zella dog     after artresin zella dog

before artresin bug     after artresin bug

before artresin iguana     after artresin iguana

Super cute Zella... your art makes ArtResin look good :)


If you're a teacher in a school or run an arts workshop, ArtResin is the ONLY choice of epoxy resin for you! You wouldn't want to expose a class full of students to noxious fumes, and outfitting everyone in a respirator would be unrealistic. No other resin on the market is certified by an ASTM board-designated toxicologist as conforming to ASTM D4236 (safe for home use). ArtResin produces no fumes or VOCs, is non-hazardous, and non-flammable. Yes we know it's hard to believe... but it's true :)