Kelly Day is our Instagram Weekly Winner!!!!


To celebrate all the amazing artists staying home and creating, every week we will be sending out a FREE 32 oz ArtResin kit to one lucky artist who has tagged us on Instagram—and we'll share their work with the world! 


Congratulations to artist Kelly Day, our latest weekly winner! Kelly has two Associate Degrees in Fine Arts and currently works full-time on her art in San Diego, California. She loves the gravitational pull you feel when you see someone with rare and unique traits. That "electric vibe" is exactly how Kelly wants you to feel when you view her portrait artwork in person.



Kelly always starts with a photograph. Then, with acrylics, she paints the image, making sure to capture the most important details. She then begins to draw lines around the natural light and shadows creating "electric veins."

From there, Kelly covers her work in ArtResin mixed with tints, glitters, mica powders, or anything that will add to the sparkle and shine. Light and reflection then take over bringing a sense of newness every time you view her art.




You can find more of Kelly’s work on Instagram @kellydayart and on her website: Kelly Day Art.




 Congratulations on your win, Kelly!


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