It's The ArtResin Coaster Challenge!

There's nothing we love more here at ArtResin World HQ than to keep a little FUN in our workday!
So in the spirit of fun ( and who's kidding who, a little healthy competition too ) we decided to have an ArtResin Coaster Challenge!

Coasters are such a popular way of showing off ArtResin's crystal clear and heat resistant properties so it seemed like the perfect choice for our challenge.

We were all given wooden slices and free reign to to create the design of our choice on our coaster, which will look even better finished off a coat of glossy ArtResin!

Check out our entries, below, and don't forget to submit your vote in the comments!

Whose coaster will reign supreme??

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram pages to find out!!!

About the author: Joanne Wright

I'm Joanne, the Marketing Content Writer at ArtResin. Originally from Canada, my home is now Indianapolis, Indiana. My love of all things creative and my entrepreneurial heart means I’ve worn many hats over the years including fashion producer & stylist, retail store owner, t-shirt designer, and even vegan baker! I...