Is AUSTRALIA the birthplace of Epoxy Resin in art?

Posted on 29 Jan 18:42

It's a Sunday night and my daughter is screaming at me for toast, and our sun is crying upstairs.

And I just want to write...


So here goes,

As we have entered this world of epoxy resins in art, it has always been interesting for us to see how Australia is so far ahead with using epoxy resin, considering it's population size in relation to the rest of the world.

To our art and resin related websites, Australia has always had around 10% of the online traffic.

This is more than the UK (third)

This is more than Canada (fourth)

This is more than the EU countries combined!


The USA has 300 million people and 80% of our web activity is from here.


So, why Australia?


I don't know.  But Australian artists were the first to mix colour into resin and create abstract pieces.


Australians also invented the circle canvas idea to go along with this.


At first, artists were using port hole covers from boats.  Now circle canvases are mass produced.


In 2008, when ArtResin flung it's doors open to the internet, I had 3 different people, on three different occasions, write me angry emails saying that they were the first one to use epoxy resin in their art practise and that I was hurting their career by telling others how to use Epoxy Resin.

3 different angry people.  1 from Canada, and 2 from the USA.


But Australia is where I see the innovation begin.

Those Australians!


But, this begs the question?



And that is really and truly how I feel.

Ideas grow out of ideas.

Nothing is new under the sun.

However you want to say it...


The faster we share the faster we grow.

The more we give the better we all become.


When an artist says that they do not want others to know how they make their art, I smile and leave.  They become invisible and forgotten.

They have missed the point.


Okay I have to go Zoe is really yelling now.



Rock on Australia!  We are all watching :)