How To Color Rose Gold Epoxy Resin

Posted on 4 May 12:39
Rose Gold is a huge trend in jewellery, fashion, and home decor at the moment. 
In fact, you can get just about anything in rose gold ... watches, shoes, sunglasses, make-up ... even hair colour! 😉

Joanne was playing with ResinTint here at the ArtResin studio and had a thought ...
How about a Rose Gold ArtResin?

... uhhhh yeaaahhhhhhhs!! 😍

So she decided to conduct an experiment, mixing up a 3 different batches of ArtResin tinted with ResinTint's Metallic Gold, Pink and Bronze, to get the perfect Rose Gold.

Here were Joanne's results:

On the left she mixed together:
  • 2 oz. ArtResin
  • 10 drops Metallic Pink ResinTint
  • 10 drops Bronze ResinTint
This was our favourite, and the closest ( we thought ) to Rose Gold. 
Take a closer look - what do you think?

In the centre, was a mixture of:
  • 2 oz ArtResin
  • 10 drops Metallic Pink ResinTint
  • 5 drops Bronze ResinTint
  • 5 drops Gold ResinTint
This isn't bad, but not quite pink enough for a true rose gold ... take a peek!

And last, on the right was our gold blend ...
  • 2 oz ArtResin
  • 10 drops Metallic Pink ResinTint
  • 10 drops Gold ResinTint

A beautiful caramel colour, absolutely, but definitely not rose gold.

Take a peek at Ep. 101 of Video Friday to see more!

Let us know if you try mixing up a perfect Rose Gold blend of your own ... don't forget to include what your perfect ResinTint blend was!