Health Canada Recalls Epoxy Resins - ArtResin Passes New Safety Tests

With so many epoxy resin brands on the market, how do you know which ones are actually safe?


In August 2022, Health Canada noticed that many epoxy resin products did not appear compliant with government safety requirements. In response, Health Canada began a large-scale audit of epoxy resins (including ArtResin) to ensure these products meet the rigorous Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

Health Canada has found that several epoxy resin brands do not have the required childproof packaging and label information to warn about the potential hazards posed by the products during use. They concluded that the lack of safety measures prevented consumers from making informed choices, potentially leading to unintentional exposure, serious illness, or injury. Whilte their investigation is still ongoing, Health Canada has been recalling several popular brands of epoxy resin for falling short of safety standards.

Recall Date Product
May 29, 2023 East Coast Resin Epoxy - Hardener
East Coast Resin Industrial Grade - Hardener
East Coast Resin Smart Art - Hardener
East Coast Resin Table Top - Hardener
April 26, 2023 New Classic Epoxy Resin For Art, Crafts And Tabletops - Super Clear 
New Classic Quick Cure Epoxy
New Classic Thick Pour Epoxy Resin
March 23, 2023 Black Forest Resin Coat - Thin
Black Forest Resin Coat - Thick
Black Forest Resin Deep
March 9, 2023 Trustic Art Epoxy Hardener
Trustic General Casting Epoxy Hardener
Trustic Slow Cure Casting Epoxy Hardener
Trustic Surface Coating Epoxy Hardener
February 17, 2023 Dr. Crafty Epoxy Resin
February 1, 2023 Resinate Epoxy Hardener
December 5, 2022 Puduo Epoxy Resin
Puduo Epoxy Resin Anti-Yellowing
November 14, 2022 Primo Resin Deep Pour
Primo Resin Table Top & Bar
Primo Resin Arts & Crafts
September 21, 2022 Krystal Epoxy Resin Table Top & Art Epoxy Kit
August 10, 2022 Magic Resin Table Top & Art Epoxy Resin - Hardener (B)
August 5, 2022 Stone Coat Countertops Art Coat Resin Kit



We are happy to share that ArtResin was NOT subject to recall. Health Canada found that our label and packaging is compliant: that is, everything stated on the label is true and the contents do not warrant childproof packaging.

Here's ArtResin's co-founder Rebecca Zak with more:


We always knew ArtResin was the safest epoxy resin on the market - and we have the results to prove it.


Health Canada did not issue a recall for ArtResin - they only requested an update to our corrosion testing and we gladly complied. Through independent testing conducted in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), we demonstrated to Health Canada that the information presented on ArtResin's label and Safety Data Sheet is supported by verifiable test results.

Did you know that ArtResin is not tested on animals? Read more in our blog Why ArtResin is Cruelty-Free.

ArtResin is safe epoxy resin


ArtResin successfully PASSED multiple corrosive tests, confirming that it poses no risk of injury to the eyes or skin. As a result, ArtResin's classification was downgraded to Mild Irritant to reflect its low hazard level.

This Mild Irritant designation means that Health Canada does not require ArtResin's label to carry the Irritant pictogram or the recommendation to wear gloves. Of course, to avoid a sticky mess on your hands, we will always recommend wearing disposable gloves while using ArtResin.

Here's ArtResin's old label vs our new label:

Health Canada says ArtResin no longer needs Irritant pictogram on label


How to become a smart resin consumer

Remember: not all epoxy resins are created equal.  Be aware of the type of product you're purchasing and what you're dealing with when you use it. To keep yourself safe, we recommend that you:

  • Read the product label and look for warning pictograms and caution statements.
  • Learn how to interpret a safety data sheet for the resin you're using.
  • Ask the resin manufacturer if they have done actual testing to support the health claims shown on the product's label and safety data sheet.
  • Protect yourself against hazards by wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment during use.


Or, even better, switch to a product like ArtResin, with a proven history of safety. We want you to feel confident when you're using ArtResin, so we've made our third-party test data accessible on our website. This includes results for nonyl phenol, as well as leaching and migration tests to demonstrate ArtResin's food safety.

After all, isn't it nice to know that the epoxy resin you're using is safe?


If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact our customer service department at 

For more information on ArtResin's safety testing, please see our blog ArtResin's Safety Certifications - What Do They Mean?  


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