Dueling Paintbrushes

Posted on 26 Feb 16:31

Episode 3 - A Picture Is Worth 2 Words

Welcome to Dueling Paintbrushes!

This series pits 2 creative artists against each other with limited time and limited resources.

Dave and Rebecca are both skilled artists who—what, with co-running a business, and a home, and co-parenting—rarely get a chance to dabble with artistic pursuits these days. So we decided to have a little fun.


In Episode 3, we changed things up yet again. This round we left the door open for Dave and Rebecca to use any art supplies in the room.

The catch?

The inspiration for their art piece will be 2 random words that they must select from a pile in front of them.

And as always, they had to do it in 30 minutes.

Again it was highly entertaining to watch these two artists race against the clock to try and "out-duel" each other. It was another successful experiment that we hope you, at home, will take part in.

Once you watch the video, please vote or comment on our YouTube channel as to who you think won the competition. Was it Rebecca and her "Drink Special" or Dave and his "Eye Test." *Voting for this episode has closed.

Also, please let us know if you'd like to see more of these competitions. Once things settle down in the world around us, we hope to open our doors and invite other artists to join in on the competition where everyone's a winner :)



Episode 2 - No Paintbrush. No Problem.

In Episode 2, we switched things up. This round we provided a bin filled with materials that they had to use to create their artwork. No other art supplies could be used.


They had no paintbrush.

No art direction.

And they had to do it in 30 minutes.

Voting has finished for this episode but the response has been great! Thank you to everyone watching this series. Hopefully you have fun watching or playing along as we have so much fun creating it :)


Episode 1 - The Pilot Episode

The premiere episode. The one that started it all.

We came up with this series for a few reasons:

1) We wanted to entertain you
2) We wanted to inspire you
3) We wanted to showcase the beauty of interpretation
4) We wanted to watch mommy and daddy compete! These two are highly, HIGHLY competitive people.


To start this series off, we chose an image, separated the two of them and asked them to create their own masterpiece based off of that image. In 30 minutes.

What followed was a plethora of action, sass, creativity, stress, inspiration, you name it! It was truly a fun experiment that we hope you, at home, will enjoy.

Stay tuned for more as we continue to challenge Dave and Rebecca and perhaps a few surprise guests.

Til then...