Can I Customize My Pallet-Sized ArtResin Order?

Posted on 23 Aug 16:14

YES!  If you're a big time ArtResin user and consume our stuff like water, first of all... hooray! Happy to have you as our customer!  Secondly, we'd like to provide you with the large quantities you need at a discounted price.

We currently offer a pallet-sized option on our US site which ships with free international freight.  This pallet is comprised of forty 2 gallon Professional Kits for a total of 80 gallons (303 L). From time to time we receive requests for a little more or a little less than this amount, or pallets made up of different sized kits. All of this can be done! 

If you're interested in a large quantity of ArtResin (e.g. 50 gallons and up) and would like to discuss options, including production times, ETAs and special pricing, please contact us. We're well stocked and we'd love to help you be your creative best without limitation.