Content Ideas for Rap Album

Posted on 15 Apr 23:44


I am working on a rap album, but first I need to learn how to rap.


What are you working on these days?


To get started, I bought a rhyming dictionary, a 'How to Rap' book and a small notepad that I scratched 'RAP' into the cover (where I can make notes about my rap ideas).

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I figure this is a great start!

Totally ridiculous.


Why Rap?

1) I love hip hop

2) Hiphop is a powerful art-form for spreading messages (I would argue that it is the MOST influential art-form at my disposal).  Hiphop drives culture.


According to 'How to Rap', there are 3 parts to the art of HipHop.  They are all important:

First, is CONTENT: what are you going to talk about.  Ideas or Butts?

Second is FLOW: the pauses, the style...

Last is DELIVERY: are you chill or angry or goofin' around?


I have been keeping a list of values that are important for this project:

1) don't swear
2) keep it positive
3) tell stories
4) keep it clean
5) be creative and have fun!


Because I only decided to make a rap album a few months ago, I am still working through the CONTENT part, while I practice free-styling when doing the dishes or driving in the car.  I have a long way to go.  This is fine.



• If you are listening to this through your phone you should stop looking at your phone so much. You can't hear intuition if there is always noise.  Turn it off. :)
• Attitude and how everything can always be alright.
• Let if flow and let it go. You can't control everything around you.
• Consistency and Repetition. Do the same thing. Even if you suck, suck a lot!
• Getting put on anti-depressants, having a bad boss.  Quitting everything and beginning the search for freedom.  Not money.  Not fame.  But finding TIME to create.
• My version of Biggie Smalls '10 Crack Commandments'.
• You don't have to have answers or solutions, you just have to be able to identify and explain the problem.
• God went past religion and came right to me. (Mos Def inspired)
• Thank and make fun of 'the 4 Hour Workweek' by Tim Ferris.

Somewhere in the lyrics I want to thank:

• Biggies Smalls for having such good flow and helping me learn
• J.Cole, Kanye West and a Tribe Called Quest for inspiration
• Logic! (hiphop artist I most connect with)
• Damu the Fudgemonk - the best beatmaker ever to practise to.  Exactly my beat style.
• Tim Ferris and #GaryVee for helping me in the search for time
• Chris Wiersma (Long time friend and mentor)
• My old bad boss (forget his name).  I become an entrepreneur because I had a bad boss.  This changed everything.
• Parents etc.


As strange as it is for a 33 year old happily married father of 2 from the suburbs to start rapping, this is not out of the blue!  


1) I spent most of my early life making music.  It was my obsession.  Every day for hours on end I played guitar, played the drums, recorded and mixed.  I know music software and have some hidden skill-sets which just need to be dusted off.

I moved into visuals arts and then life took over.  I miss making music.

2) My younger brother is a beat-maker and classical pianist.  I could not find a better partner for this project.

3) I may have a chunk of time and a studio space in the next 1-3 years.


Any questions? :)


For example: 'What does this have to do with Resin?'