Why Sharing Your Art Matters.

My name is Dave and this is my wife Rebecca.

We are artists. We have always been artists.

For us, our approach as artists has always been pretty simple: life must have purpose and beauty.

So, what does that look like?

Well, simply put, we want to leave the world in better shape than when we arrived.
We want to spread happiness. Give more than we receive.
We love being creative and we want to facilitate creativity wherever possible, in ourselves and others, by sharing art and sharing ideas.

This is really and truly how I feel and I believe
most artists feel the same.

Artists, by nature, have a longing to make a difference in the world. 

I love meeting other artists, but back when we were starting out and social media was just getting going, it wasn't easy to connect with people around the world like it is now. When we flung our doors open to the internet making resin videos on YouTube, we were so happy to find an art series called Colour In Your Life. In it, a guy in Australia named Graeme Stevenson was going around on his motorcycle interviewing artists.

Graeme was asking these artists about their vision and inspiration. He was showing us their creative processes. And he was bringing it all right to us, halfway across the world, in Canada. Most importantly, he was providing us with a sense of community that was hard to find at that time.  

So, why does that matter?

Well, Graeme was introducing us to artists who were just like us. Innovative artists who wanted to challenge the status quo and make things better. Artists who wanted to spread happiness, provoke thought, and share their ideas. It was inspiring.

Isn't it funny that all these years later, things have come full circle. ArtResin was recently featured on Graeme's show ( by a guest artist named Natalie Ellis, a resin artist from England. )

I'm so proud of this episode :)
Can I share it with you?
I hope that it'll inspire you in your own work.

After all, the more we share what we know, the better we all become.

Thanks for watching.

Did you like it?

Now let's go create some art :)


About the author: Dave Zak

Hi, I'm Dave, a Canadian-based entrepreneur. I was born an artist and I love to tinker and create things. After studying art and working in marketing, I founded ArtResin in 2008 in response to the toxic and yellowing resin products that were giving me headaches and ruining my artwork.