Big, BIG, ArtResin News!!! New product coming soon!

Posted on 21 Jun 13:48
Lots and lots of exciting things going on here at ArtResin HQ!!

* we've got a beautiful, brand new location, with tons of space to work in!
We will now be able to process orders more efficiently, and we have a gorgeous, bright environment in which to make plans and create, plus loads of space to film brand new videos - all to make the ArtResin experience even better for YOU, our customers!

* Patty and Jeff are off to NYC to spend the day interviewing for our next Featured Artist series, NYC based artist Kira Lee, and are spending the afternoon of Thurs June 22nd between 2pm and 4pm at Blick on Bond St, doing live ArtResin demos with our artist friends Chris Tuorto and Anna Bida!
Stay tuned to ArtResin's IG page for live feeds if you can't make it in person!!

* and last, but certainly not least .... we have a super duper exciting announcement to make ...... something we've been working on for awhile and we're finally ready to share!!!

Stay tuned to find out what it is ..... !!!!

Any ideas, friends?
Would love to hear your guesses in the comments below!!