Making money matter

I have 7 minutes to write down some important thoughts:


It is easier to make money when you are hurting the earth or other people.


I think that this is true.


But I want to believe that you can make a lot more money by helping the earth and/or other people.  REALLY actually helping other people, not just selling them things that you say makes them happier or something.   

The more money that you make, the easier it is to make money, and so when you have a lot of money, you can think: "How do I make more money?"


And you do that again and again.



Instead ask yourself:  "Now that I have money, how do I help more people?  How do I give until it feels uncomfortable?"
I am going to test this thesis:
The more uncomfortable you are with how much you are giving, the more money you will make so the more you can give and help.  


And you do that again and again.

The fate of... everything... actually depends on it. :)