Will ArtResin Stay Perfectly Clear Over White Artwork?

Posted on 21 Jun 15:32

The data we have so far shows that ArtResin stays perfectly clear over white artwork!

Have you ever wondered WHY Dave and Rebecca created ArtResin?

Well, for one thing, all the other epoxy resin brands they had been using were turning their artwork YELLOW!! 
So frustrating .... not to mention heartbreaking!

And then, because those epoxy resins were designed for industrial use, they were also highly toxic!

Dave and Rebecca firmly believed that an artist should never have to compromise their health for their artwork.  

They knew there had to be a solution out there.

And so they experimented, problem-solved and collaborated for almost a decade to create an epoxy resin that met their exacting standards.  

Their ideal resin had to be:

Check mark symbol safe
Check mark symbol easy to use
Check mark symbol non-yellowing  

And once they developed a resin perfect enough to use on their own artwork, they couldn't wait to share it with their fellow artists ...

And so, ArtResin was born :)

Since then, ArtResin has helped artists, photographers, woodworkers, crafters, moms, dads, and kids create both beautiful pieces of art and beautiful memories.  

Here's a gorgeous piece of white artwork that Rebecca created for her daughter Zoe:

Dave and Rebecca believe that the limitations of an art material should never dictate the limits of your creativity.  

ArtResin was designed for artists, for their artwork and it was designed to stay clear!
ArtResin was specifically formulated to offer the most efficient, non-yellowing protection out of all the epoxy resins on the market!  So go ahead .... use ArtResin epoxy resin over your white works of art with confidence!! 

UPDATE: Almost 2 years later, Rebecca's white artwork is still white!!
Check it out!!