ArtResin + Michaels team up!

Posted on 18 Dec 10:31


Folks, we have BIG NEWS!

At the beginning of the year we received a LOT of inquiries as to whether ArtResin could be made available at Michaels—one of North America's largest (if not the largest) arts and crafts retailers. 


bex in front of local michaels arts and crafts store


You may recall that earlier this year we solicited your help in getting Michaels' attention... and within 24 hours, Michaels got in touch with us and we began the process of becoming one of their vendors! Gasp!! Eek!

There was a lot of work to be done to get ourselves in position to sell with Michaels, however we are extremely happy to let everyone know that ArtResin is now available at!

Because Michaels is sooo big (they have over 1300 stores in North America), it is a massive undertaking for them to take on a new SKU in store and a risk to take on a new vendor. They need to be extremely confident that the new product(s) will sell once they've added them to the shelves. For this reason, they refresh their shelves only once a year and add only those products they have faith in (i.e. those with sales figures to back them).

ArtResin has been listed on as a first step in the process of carving out a spot for itself on the shelf at your local Michaels location. We can't wait to let you know when we have more good news, hopefully in the not-so-far-off future.



artresin on



The goal remains the same... get ArtResin into every Michaels store so you can walk in, buy your ArtResin (and everything else that Michaels has for sale), go home and get creative right away. Really there's nothing we... and Michaels... (and you, evidently) would like more! It'll be win-win-win, soon enough.


Thank you to everyone for all your support in helping us get this far in the process! Only a little further to go!