ArtResin Is Now Available At Artist & Craftsman Supply!

We are so thrilled to announce our newest retail partner ... 

Artist & Craftsman Supply!!

Artist & Craftsman Supply

Artist & Craftsman Supply is an employee-owned chain of art supply stores that has been serving artistic communities across the United States for over 30 years. From staffing their stores with artists to supporting local community art initiatives, Artist & Craftsman has a long history of offering the best customer service and the highest quality art materials .... which now includes ArtResin epoxy resin!

From Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine, ArtResin is now available in all 31 Artist & Craftsman Supply locations coast to coast! 

Find a location near you!

Artist & Craftsman Supply Find a location near you!

When we first started ArtResin, our original business model was to sell our product online only. Retail simply wasn't part of the game plan.

Well ... never say never. 😊

Sometimes, the things you don't plan for end up being the best things to happen.  When we were eventually approached by a retailer, we decided to give it a shot ... and we've never looked back!

It was the start of a beautiful relationship with retail and we are SO proud to be on the shelves of some of the best art supply stores in the business! Retail has been an integral part of ArtResin's growth, introducing us to both wonderful store owners and customers alike ❤️

Do YOU have a favourite art store you’d love to see ArtResin sold in?
Let them know ... and let us know in the comments below so we can contact them too!

About the author: Joanne Wright

I'm Joanne, the Marketing Content Writer at ArtResin. Originally from Canada, my home is now Indianapolis, Indiana. My love of all things creative and my entrepreneurial heart means I’ve worn many hats over the years including fashion producer & stylist, retail store owner, t-shirt designer, and even vegan baker! I...