Art Challenge: Can I Complete 52 Paintings In A Year?

Hey friends, it's Rebecca from ArtResin and I have a confession to make… 

In January, I set a personal goal to paint 52 paintings in 2022 and so far, I'm not doing very well!!! As embarrassing as this is to share, I'm going to be completely honest: as of May (when I finally got started), I'd completed 0 paintings towards my goal.

I want to make time to do this, to create art. I love to paint. It's something that's meaningful to me and rewarding in so many ways but, as most people can relate, life is busy. As a business owner and a mom to two young kids, finding spare time to paint often feels like an impractical luxury. 

But here's the thing...
In December, I want to look back on 2022 and know that I'd spent my time being productive in a way that makes my heart happy. I finally just asked myself, "Am I going to do this or not?"

So this is it. I made the decision and I am doing it!
 I'm reclaiming my time and prioritizing making 52 paintings by the end of the year. It feels a bit overwhelming, but I'm actually really excited about it.

My 52 in 2022 Art Challenge guidelines

To keep me on track (and to allow for a little flexibility) I established a few rules:

  • Big or small, the size of the painting doesn't matter.
  • This is my chance to play around and experiment with different art styles.
  • Diptychs and triptychs count as 2 or 3 paintings, respectively.
  • My kids are allowed to collaborate on a painting with me.
  • Completing half finished art counts!
  • Each piece needs to be resined before it can be considered complete.


How To Follow Along With The Art Challenge

I'm going to bring you guys along for the ride! You're going to see me paint 52 paintings and that accountability is going to help me stay in momentum. I'd love for you to follow along with me: I'm going to update this blog with each new painting and I'll also be sharing on our Instagram and YouTube accounts. 

I encourage you to join the challenge with me - it's not too late!  Be sure to tag your work with #52in22artchallenge so I can support you too.

By the way, if you want to read more about why setting personal goals like this can be such a game changer, check out our blog 10 Ways A Goal Can Make You A Better Artist.

Here's how the challenge started:


And here's how it's going :)

My 52 Paintings

1. Blue Nude, 36 x 36”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

This painting was inspired by a sculpture I saw (and loved) when I was in New York City. I worked from a photo I took, uploading it to a program in my iPad and outlining the sculpture's shape. Next, I projected the line work (using my Nebula projector) onto a wood panel that I'd mounted on the wall, tracing it in pencil. I went for a simple but bold, monochromatic blue. Just wait 'til you see what it looks like with a coat of ArtResin on it!

Blue Nude acrylic on wood panel

Watch the timelapse from start to finish!


2. XOXO, 24 x 24”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

I painted this piece for my daughter. Using the projector once again, I outlined a fun floral pattern onto a wood panel and on top of that, I traced out an XO pattern using vinyl cutouts. Next, I filled the whole piece in with a cute pink and blue color palette.  

I'm happy with this painting. Problem is, it took a whole week - and with 50 paintings left to go, I ain’t got time for that!  

paint 52 paintings in 1 year

Here's how this painting came together:


3. Lava Forest, 24 x 36”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

I have to give my son credit for the inspiration for this next painting. He came home with a drawing from school and it looked just like this.  As the story goes, it's lava in a forest. I thought the colors were great so I thought I'd use it as inspiration for painting number 3. 

Make a painting from a kid's drawing

Watch me paint Lava Forest:


4. Millennial House Plant, 24 x 36”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

So for painting number 4, I took inspiration from another painting. As you can see, I changed it around quite a bit: I color blocked the design, I smoothed out the lines, and changed up the border, but it's still referencing someone else’s artwork.

Would you consider this an original piece or am I copying too much?
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

if you use another person's art for inspiration, is it considered copying?

5. Newfoundland Horizon, 24 x 48”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

I took a little time off this summer and went to Newfoundland and, as a result, I didn't do much painting. So for piece 5, I thought I'd paint something without a lot of detail that I could get done fairly quickly. I thought I'd use the color palette and ocean views of Newfoundland as my inspiration. 

how to paint an abstract landscape painting

6. Graffiti Floral, 36 x 36”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel 

So the thing about doing 52 paintings in the space of about 7 months is that when you have any idea at all, it’s good enough!  For my next piece, I painted some graffiti inspired roses, but after I was finished, I wasn't sure if the painting was done or not. I just wasn't sure what else to do with it...

Do you have any suggestions for me?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

How do you know if your painting is finished?


7. Finding Water, 12 x 18”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel 

Here’s what I learned with this painting: first, abstract without a clear plan is hard and second, I actually think that painting small is hard. I find it easier to go big. In any case, I didn't want to overwork it, so I called it done. I'm happy with it, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts ....

Do you prefer abstract or realistic?  Do you think smaller pieces are easier or harder to paint?

is abstract or realism more difficult to paint?

August Art Challenge Update

It's now mid-August, over halfway through 2022, and I haven't yet reached the 20% mark. I really need to kick this challenge up into high gear if I'm going to hit my goal of 52 paintings by the end of the year!!! Gah!

I'll be honest, sometimes I feel like painting and sometimes I don't. With this challenge, painting has felt a little bit forced at times, but let's be real: it's always more fun when you feel inspired with a great idea and you just can't wait to paint it!

What I am happy with so far is that, because I'm going with any little bit of inspiration that hits me, the paintings all look really different. I've found that I've come up with some new stuff and tried out some new styles which is a GREAT side effect of this challenge!

Watch me resin 3 large paintings

It's ArtResin time! Remember, I'm not allowed to count these paintings towards my goal until they're ArtResined. So, with a little help from Tracey and Tonya, I'm going to give these first 3 paintings a shiny coat of ArtResin to finish them off. 

I love how my paintings immediately pop as soon as the resin hits them: the colors get brighter and the whole thing just comes to life. If you ask me, resin makes paintings look way more professional and impressive. If you're an artist and you haven't yet resined your paintings, you have to try it out!  

Read more about how to resin large paintings in our blog How To Resin A Large Piece Of Art.


Take a look to see how a glossy coat of ArtResin makes a painting instantly come to life.



8. Dot, Dot, Dot, 12 x 12”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

Some art pieces you do because you want the final look and some art pieces you do because you like the process.  This was a very methodical, meditative process for me - it was just dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot!

Here's the end result.

how to paint a pointillism piece

9. Yellow Flower, 24 x 24", acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

Remember I said I wanted to try some really different styles with this art challenge?  Well, this is my version of a Cy Twombly painting: it's so much looser (I even want to say, messier) than I'm used to. For that reason, I'm not sure if I love it, but I'm happy that I tried something new.  :)



October Art Challenge Update

Hi, friends!  It's the end of October and I'm here with a little update: 

So far, my goal of painting 52 paintings in 2022 is not going so well!!!

We moved and, as you can imagine, that created a lot of disruption. I'm going to be totally honest: I kept thinking to myself, What if I went on YouTube and told everyone that I was going to paint 52 paintings and then I didn't do it?!

I can't let that happen!

I mean, isn't the whole point of a goal is to keep you on track? Regardless of the challenges life throws your way? 

I realized that life is going to happen and I have to keep going. So I decided to work smarter, not harder and started first with 2 paintings that were almost complete. Then I painted one canvas, from start to finish.

Just like that, I am officially 3 paintings closer to my goal of 52.

And you know what? As disruptive as our move was, it also means that we have a brand new art studio! Plenty of space to complete all those paintings and I can't wait to dive in. I'm really excited for all the art I get to make here - and I'm going to share all of it with you.

Check out my newest paintings (and my new studio, too!).

Here are my 3 latest pieces - complete with a shiny ArtResin finish!

10. Golden Touch, 24 x 48", acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

11. Pixel Forest, 36 x 36”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

12. Stairway To Anywhere, 24 x 24”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel


Happy New Year, friends!
Well ... it's January, and I'm here with my 52 Paintings in 22 update. 

Did I reach my goal?
The truth is, I have no idea!  

Let me explain ....

The truth is, I left everything to the last minute and spent the last month just painting up a storm - I painted with the kids over the holidays, and I gave paintings away as gifts - so I don't actually know if I made my goal or not. :)


But - the point of this whole challenge was to be more regular with my artwork, and this I accomplished!


You know that quote that you should shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you fall amongst the stars? I think that's the case here :)


The point is, I had a lot of fun, and I've got a new goal for 2023 ... to stop procrastinating!


Here are my most recent paintings.
Stay tuned for my final painting tally next week! 




13. Teddy, 24 x 24”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

14. Ladies, 12 x 18”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel



15 & 16. Intergalactic, 16 x 20” each x 2, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel


17. Primary Petals, 20 x 30”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel





18. Within Reach, 12 x 48”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

19. Rooster, 16 x 20”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel




20. Tulips, 30 x 48”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel


21. Green Face, 12 x 12”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel



22. LOL!, 12 x 12”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

23. LoopDeeLoop, 12 x 12”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel



24. Blue Garden Girl, 24 x 36”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

25. City Love, 24 x 36”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

26. Circle Square, 12 x 12”, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

27. Forest Fire Blue, 16 x 20", acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

28. Bex's Mom's Piece16 x 20", acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

29. Lady Sitting 1, 60 x 60", acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

30. Lady Sitting 2, 60 x 60", acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel


31. Forest Fire, 12 x 12", acrylic and ArtResin on framed canvas

32. Black & White Animals, 12 x 12", acrylic and ArtResin on framed canvas


33. Hearts, 12 x 12", acrylic and ArtResin on framed canvas

34. OK, 12 x 12", acrylic and ArtResin on framed canvas

35. Rainbow Square, 12 x 12 ", acrylic and ArtResin on framed canvas


36. Cactus, 12 x 12", acrylic and ArtResin on framed canvas 

37. Sunny Flowers, 16 x 20", acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

35. Pikachu12 x 12", acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel

39 - 44. ArtResin Heart, 16 x 20" each x 6, acrylic and ArtResin on wooden panel




44 paintings!

So I may not have met my goal, but I did create 44 new paintings that I likely would not have, without setting this ambitious goal.⁠

All in all, I would highly recommend setting a goal of 52 paintings in a year (or one a week), if you can.  Maybe just start now rather than in June.  ;) 

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