Art Basel Miami 2017 highlights

Posted on 06 Feb 11:36

For four days every December, art enthusiasts, collectors, curators and critics alike flock to South Beach in Miami ...


It's to attend North America's largest art fair, Art Basel, the premier art show of art shows!!

With annual events in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Miami, and named for the city of Basel, Switzerland where the show originated almost 40 years ago, Art Basel showcases artwork from all over the world, from both established artists and new, rising talents.  

Art Basel in Miami includes exhibitions by over 250 galleries and attracts over 70 000 visitors from across the globe - which this past December, included the team from ArtResin!

Here's Dave, Rebecca and their littles 😊

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The doubletrouble team of Jeff and Patty!!

A few super talented members of our ArtResin community ...

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Since Day One, ArtResin has been about supporting artists and making the world a better place through creativity ( hence our tagline, Made For Artists, By Artists. ) It only made sense, then, that we attend Art Basel to soak in the atmosphere, the inspiration, the art and, as Canadians in the middle of winter, to soak in some sunshine too 😎 .  Of course, our most important objective was to connect face-to-face with artists from all over the world ... many of whom use ArtResin in their creative endeavours!

After all, people who make things, make things better!! ❤️
Here are a few of them ...

Bich Ngoc Thi Nguyen 

Ben Willis

Callen Schaub

Dianne Portwood

Kate Taylor 

Sean Christopher Ward

Anna Fenimore

Ben Heller

IdiotBox Art

As always, Jeff put together some amazing highlights capturing the sights and sounds from our few days at Art Basel - take a peek to hear from all of these talented artists, in their own words, about what ArtResin and being at Art Basel means to them.

Enjoy :)