Using Make-Up To Add Glitter Into Resin

Posted on 5 Feb 14:11

Whether it's a subtle shimmer or a full-on sparkle, glitter adds beauty and an magical dimension to epoxy resin! The issue with many glitters, however, is that even the finest options available at craft stores are heavy and can sink to the bottom of your resin layer. 

Many artists, however, have discovered the perfect solution:  make-up! 

Make-up's lightweight consistency blends beautifully, its iridescence adds an ethereal shimmer, and because it's so superfine, it stays suspended in resin without sinking.  

Make up artist Liza Kondrevich recently shared how she added Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Glitter in Crystal Cave to a batch of ArtResin, then applied it over her favourite make-up Face Chart ( which she had previously sealed with a pastel spray fixativ to prevent the resin from absorbing into the paper. )

The result is a stunning piece of artwork with a gorgeous, holographic glow!

And clearly we aren't the only ones who think so ... the Instagram post has had almost 2.5 million views!  Take a peek ...


PLEASE NOTE:  We always recommend wearing protective gloves when pouring and mixing ArtResin epoxy resin.

💡TIP:  Though some may disagree, there is actually such a thing as too much glitter!  Whenever incorporating any additive, whether it be glitter, a liquid colorant or a powdered pigment, always remember the 6% rule:  that is, don't add more than 6% of the total combined volume of resin and hardener combined.  Adding more than this may throw off the delicate balance required for the resin and hardener to catalyze, which means your resin may not cure properly.