Making Things: An Essay



For You: the Maker, the Creator, the Visionary, the Doer.


A word of encouragement...


People who make things make things better.

Think about it.

Destruction is simple, but construction is complex; it takes high level thinking to bring into existence what is not yet.

Building things builds us up as a society.

Paintings... products… relationships... experiences... happy customers... "a-ha" moments.

Creativity from one person ultimately rewards us all.

Creativity runs best on serendipity.  It will strike when you least expect, so free yourself to snatch up inspiration as it happens and relish these moments.  They are divine!

Jump in.  Let go.  Trust yourself.

Success is inevitable with persistence because every “failure” brings you closer to success.  So feel free to fail often.

We learn by doing.

Live the process of your work and be proud of the product of your hands.

No matter what we do in life, we know what we know through our hands.

Each exercise brings greater skill, and skill is always in style and in demand.

Make what you want because where there is passion there is quality.

Quality is evergreen.


Above all else, never underestimate the power of your VISION!

No one but you can see what’s inside your head.

Breathe into it.  Become it.  Bring it to life so we can all believe with you.

Every work of your hands is a contribution to the great human continuum.


No creative effort is ever wasted.


Essay written by Rebecca Zak, PhD

About the author: Rebecca Zak

Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I co-founded ArtResin with my husband, Dave. I’m a serial entrepreneur! As an artist and a former teacher, I've been able to leverage my creativity and experience to start multiple business ventures. In fact, there's nothing I love more than seeing a good idea turned into...