Can I Frame A Vinyl Record Using ArtResin?

YEP, you sure can!!  

If you're a fan of vinyl records, why not make use of your old scratched vinyl and decorate the walls with them? 


In this video, Vanessa shows you how to build a frame, mount the vinyl in it, and give it a glossy finish with ArtResin.


Framing A Vinyl Record 

Vanessa Metcalf - Video Published on May 26, 2015



First, measure and cut wood for the frame.  Assemble together on the back piece with wood glue and clamps.  Paint when dry.

Next, decorate the vinyl as you see fit!  Vanessa added text to say, "The Great Communicator" à la The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Finally, measure, mix and pour the ArtResin right overtop!  The frame makes a great border to hold in a nice thick layer of ArtResin.  Then just let it sit overnight and by the next day you'll have a sweet piece to put up on the wall. 



About the author: Rebecca Zak

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