Video Demo of Spraypainted Hearts (by FREE HUMANITY)

Posted on 21 Jul 21:39



An Art Resin artist who goes by the moniker, "Free Humanity", made a sweet video on his creative process, taking one person's "trash" (recycled cardboard) and turning it into total treasure (sweet spraypainted art)!  


Free Humanity's Art Resin Demo




How it's done, pic by pic

First stop, the recycling area, AKA the "art store".  
Cardboard cast-offs are salvaged as substrates for spray paint.



Vibrant colors are key to the overall effect.



One swoosh to the right, one swoosh to the left, and you have your heart shape.



Next, cut it out with an X-acto blade...



Mix up some Art Resin (1:1 ratio)...



Pour it on top and spread it out...



And use a heat gun to help pop the bubbles.  
Then leave to dry overnight and decorate the walls with these tomorrow!




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