Top 4 ArtResin Ideas! No. 3 - Coating a Mounted Photo

Here's how to mount and resin a photo!  Video tutorial included!



First, you need a wooden panel (as opposed to a canvas).  Clamp your print down on one side and lift up the other side so you can use spray adhesive on the panel.  Use PLENTY of spray adhesive!  Then let go of the print, letting it fall in place, and cover it with a clean sheet of paper.  This is to protect the print from having any glue transfer during the next step, which is rolling over the print to really stick it down.  I use a brayer (the thing that looks like a roller) to roll everything flat, get out any air bubbles, and stick the print down well.  Once that's done, unclamp the one end and repeat so everything is glued in place. 

Because the print is usually a tiny bit larger than the panel, you'll want to flip the piece over and cut off the extra bit with an X-acto knife.

Your piece is now mounted and you're ready to resin!

To use ArtResin's Epoxy Resin 16oz, simply pour equal parts from each bottle into a mixing container and mix well (i.e. at least 3 solid minutes).  Then pour it over your mounted photo and spread it out with a resin spreader.  ArtResin will self-level, but it's always good to spread by hand and help it out a bit.

Once everything is covered, use an Artist's Torch quickly over the surface to help eliminate any bubbles.  Then just let it sit overnight and your piece will cure to a firm finish by morning.  Its full cure takes approximately 72 hours.

There you go—an easy way to get a professional finish on a photo.  Give it a try!

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