Customer Video Review by Vanessa B.

Posted on 17 Jun 22:16


Our lovely customer Vanessa B, AKA ValueColor, made this video review of our product and sent it in!  This way you don't have to take OUR word for it that Art Resin is the best thing everrrr.  

We love Vanessa's cheerful color palette and her big orange cat.


Vanessa's Video Review 

ValueColor New Video Published on June 15, 2015

Great customer service, easy to order online, & fast shipping !!
Product review on Art Resin. Easy to use high gloss finish artwork & wooden finishing. It leaves a professional polished appearance to your work. Non-flammable, no fumes, & low odor.
- Vanessa



Here it is, pic by pic

Vanessa purchased our Starter Kit, which covers about 8 sq ft.



Mr. Cat likes Art Resin too :")



Glossy reflective surface!  Vanessa mixed colorants into her resin to
achieve this trendy abstract effect.



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