Can You Use Resin To Frame Your Photos?

Posted on 13 May 15:19

all materials for epoxy resin application

You sure can!  Here's what you'll need to create a really cool "frameless-frame":

1. Art Resin epoxy resin
2. Paper towel
3. Gloves
4. Spray adhesive
5. Wooden panel
6. Mixing stick
7. Spreader
8. Mixing cup
9. Level
10. Clamps
11. Brayer
12. X-acto knife
13. Large piece of paper


6 Steps to Mount Your Photo:
1. Position and clamp your print to the wood panel.
2. Curl up the loose side of the print and use spray adhesive on the wood panel.
3. Gently place the print back down and cover it with the large sheet of paper.
4. Roll over the entire paper with a brayer (or rolling pin) to get out any air bubbles
    and secure 
the print to the panel. The paper protects the print from any adhesive
    transferring from the 
brayer as you roll.
5. Remove the clamps and repeat steps 1-4 on the opposite end of the panel.
6. Flip over the mounted photo and trim away any excess portion of the print.
    You’re now 
ready to Art Resin!

13 - Artresin - mounting a photo



Now that your print is mounted, you're all set and ready to apply the resin.

14 - artresin materials




6 Steps to Resin Your Photo 
1. Use the usage calculator at to determine how much resin
    you will need for your particular photo.
2. With gloves on, measure equal amounts of both parts together in a
    mixing container.
3. Stir very thoroughly for three minutes.
4. After ensuring your piece is level, pour and spread Art Resin over your
    photo. You can let the resin run over the edges (don’t forget to spread the
    resin here too).
5. If you notice some bubbles appearing, you can gently blow on them to
    encourage them to pop. The pros quickly hover a kitchen flambé torch over
    the surface for a flawless finish… definitely effective, but not necessary.
6. Cover your photo with a cardboard box to protect it from dust settling in it
    as it cures. Leave it to dry and 24 hours later your piece will be transformed from
    standard to stunning!


15 - Artresin - epoxy resin a photo


Check out the difference between a resined print and a non-resined print!
with and without before and after artresin epoxy resin


artresin - final mona lisa clear coat