A Cute Way to Display Baby Photos

Posted on 09 May 21:24

Dave and I are such typical first time parents!  We have a million pics of our daughter Zoë, now 11 months old.  Of course I love them all, but I pick my all-time favs to print and display.  Here's how I used Art Resin to display this adorable photo without a frame...




Ah little Zoë in her snowsuit, before she had teeth!  She was about 6 months old here. 


First, I clamped the print to my wood panel to hold it in place. 


Then I used a spray adhesive (I recommend a good quality product like 3M's Super 77) on the panel.  I made sure to put a lot of glue on the wood so the print would adhere well.


With one side glued down, I removed the clamps and glued the other end in place.


Then I covered the whole piece in a large sheet of paper to protect it while I rolled over the entire surface with a brayer.  A brayer is basically just a roller.  It's typically used in printmaking.  I used it to press the print against the panel equally all around, and I used the paper cover to ensure I didn't pick up a line of adhesive on the brayer and track it across the face of my print!


Next I flipped the piece over and just trimmed the edges of the print with an X-acto knife for a perfect fit.  Ready to resin!


I set my mounted print on top of these neat little triangular painter's stands so that my panel would sit off the table top.  My plan was to have the Art Resin drip off the edges, so I didn't want it sitting on the table where the resin could adhere it down. 

Next, I checked to make sure it was level!  Art Resin is self-leveling, which is awesome, but you just have to watch that it's not on a slope, otherwise the resin will level according to gravity.


Ok, ready to resin.  This part is actually not hard at all; you just combine equal parts of the resin and the hardener (50% from each bottle). For this project, I used about a cup of each part, so 2 cups total...


...and stirred really well (for about 3-4 solid minutes, scraping the sides of the container)...


...then I just poured the mixture right on top of the piece!  You don't have to worry about damaging the print at all; the Art Resin will actually protect it (that's what it's designed to do!).


I used a spreader to guide the resin along to where I want it.


I let it drip over the edge because I don't mind that look, and it's the quickest.  Other people tape of the edges, which is another way of doing it, but just an added step.  All depends on what you like.


I just used the spreader along the edges to smooth the resin out.


I noticed there were some bubbles forming, so I just blew on them...


They were there one second...


And gone the next! 


I happen to have a flambé torch, so I quickly ran it over the surface of the resin just for good measure.  A torch isn't necessary, but it doesn't hurt either. 


Then I covered the whole piece with a big half-box to protect it from any dust or whatever that could have landed in it while it cured.  At this point, it was a job well done!  I left it overnight and returned in the morning to check out what it looked like all cured.


And there she is, my little beauty coated in a glossy, shiny layer of glass-like Art Resin!  This will be on my wall for ages :)