Earn Commission by Posting About ArtResin!

Posted on 04 Sep 16:17


So you love ArtResin and you like to make money.  

Here's how you can earn commission with us!


Our new ArtResin Affiliate program is easy to use with minimal effort... and it pays well!


How Does It Work?

When you sign up, you'll get a unique URL link that you can post in YouTube video descriptions, on Facebook, on your website or blog... anywhere you think people will see it.  We provide you with images and banners to go along with your link to make your posts attractive.  If someone likes what they see and clicks on your link, it'll send them to ArtResin.com where you'll earn commission on everything they buy—it's all tracked through your link.  Then at the end of every month, we pay out all your commissions to your PayPal account. 


How Much Does It Pay?

The Affiliate Program pays commission based on a percentage of sales (8.47%).  It works out to be $4 for our smallest kit (the 32 oz Starter Kit) and up to $63 for our biggest kit (the 10 gal ArtResin Pro Bulk Kit).  All funds are paid in USD.  Our most frequently sold item is our 2 gallon Professional Kit, priced at $189 USD, so if this kit were purchased through an affiliate link, the affiliate would earn $16 in commission.  


The Best Way to Make the Most Money as an Affiliate

Our affiliates are a creative group of people who are posting about ArtResin in a variety of ways.  We have seen through experience that one of the best ways to earn repeat commission with the least amount of effort is through YouTube videos.  If you make a short video about ArtResin and put your link in the description, this video will stay live for as long as you keep it up on YouTube and garner exponentially more views as time goes on.  The more people that view your video, the better chance you have of your link being clicked on.  

TIP:  Always write a thorough description for your YouTube videos AND fill in as many key words as possible when you upload your video.  This will help increase views dramatically over time.


Ready to sign up?


Watch this video on 3 ways our affiliates are making money right now: