DIY Photo Finishing (or go with a pro!)

Posted on 20 Nov 12:01

We're well into fall, and for some of us this means multicolored leaves, threats of snow and melancholy mood swings. Low moods can mean great opportunities for artmaking... IF you can get your sad butt to do the work! Lately the fall colors have gotten us excited about photography.

Here are 2 ways to finish your prints: ArtResin a Photo!

1 Try mounting and covering your photos with ArtResin™. It's a modern way to show off your shots and it makes a great Christmas gift! Learn with Rebecca :)

2 Get the Shiner Photo pros to do the job for you! Head over to and use coupon code 'ARTRESIN' to get 10% off! Shiner Photo - ArtResin deal artresin-shinerphoto-partners

With creative encouragement,

Dave, Rebecca + Zoë


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