Clearer, Cheaper UV Stabilizers!

Posted on 17 Sep 16:30

Hey, Dave here. STILL working on releasing a new and improved Epoxy Resin for Artists... Almost there... I have been saying that for a long time, but I really feel like now it is going to happen soon. One thing I never understood about epoxy resin was, WHY ON EARTH IS THE CHEMICAL THAT YOU ADD TO KEEP YOUR EPOXY RESIN FROM YELLOWING, YELLOW! Ahem... sorry for yelling. To be fair, the industry suggests that it isn't yellow, but rather it is 'straw' colored... :| Well, we found a solution to this yellow/straw/non-clear problem. There's a UV stabilizer that's made in Germany that is SUPER CLEAR but also SUPER EXPENSIVE. My awesome team in Texas dug deeper and found a home-grown version (in the USA) that is equally as awesome and reasonably priced.

Here is a photo they sent of the latest test with our new, cheaper, clearer USA-made UV Stabilizer:

 artresin UV HALS yellow Part A test sept 2014

This pic shows Part A, the resin part, which is usually the clearest part. Part B, the hardener, is the part that typically has more yellowing issues. Our hardener is still very clear, although we will continuously aim for improvement to maintain our position as industry leaders. There's no perfect solution out there on the market as of yet! The journey continues!