Epoxy Resin Wood and Canvas Test

Posted on 03 Jun 12:10

 artresin 3 8 wood and 8 canvas testing

This is test # 24,540... or something like that! I wish we had numbered and documented our tests in a more professional matter. Who knew there'd be so many!

This testing has been a very organic process where Rebecca and I review the newest formula contender, provide feedback to our chemist partners and wait for the next samples. We have tested resins from all corners of the earth over the years, and we've finally ended up with partners in Texas! Many times in this process I have been tempted to say, "good enough," but if I wouldn't use this product on my own art then the testing and tweaking must continue. I really think that now, finally, we have that product!

In all transparency, we have had to come to accept that nothing lasts forever on earth (sounds obvious, but we wish it weren't true!). Minimal yellowing and aging from UV light is just part of being on planet earth. You just can't win against the sun... glass gets brittle and discolors after generations. Paint loses its saturation. Skin withers. Everything returns to dust. Likewise, our new formula isn't an exception to this scientific rule, meaning we don't expect it to last FOREVER, HOWEVER I can say that we have really done our best given that, and we've come up with something superior to everything currently on the market. ArtResin™ includes 2 additional chemicals that complete the molecular structures so that UV light cannot easily complete those open polymer chains.

For the latest tests, we prepared 16 panels: 8 canvases and 8 wooden supports coated in water- based acrylic.

artresin 4 durability flexibility test

The canvas allowed for us to test the flexibility of the cured resin. Here are some photos!

artresin 6 yellowing canvas test artresin 2 fabric canvas and wooden panels artresin 1 test yellowing and fexibility panel artresin 5 drip canvas test artresin 3 8 wood and 8 canvas testing artresin 4 durability flexibility test

Please stay tuned as we prepare to launch this new ArtResin™ product!