Yet another epoxy resin yellow-test sample panel

Posted on 14 Apr 15:24

Here are some images from yet another ArtResin test sample:

 panel labeled copy

I chose a number of the most common art materials in PURE WHITE to test the non-yellow properties of this mix, provided to us by Eli-Chem UK. So far it seems the formula is pretty good! Shelf life seems to hold up after 2 weeks unopened in a room that got lots of sun light. The hardener looks light yellow. The real test is how this formula behaves over time once poured and cured. Chemists aren't always painters or 'artists' (although they are super creative creators), so when we say we need a product that is clear like water, we mean not at all yellow! Ever!

 panel on side copy

I do not want to settle for something that is not perfect, but I really think that this may be the best we can get!! Yellowing of resin has been an issue since it's invention. And everything always loses to the sun over time.

UPDATE September 2013: This epoxy resin formula DID NOT perform well over time. Initially tests looked good, but in a few weeks the resin yellowed badly. Needless to say, this was not an acceptable choice for artwork! Too bad.


 panel angle copy