Update - March 2013: Formula, Trademarks and Patents

Posted on 03 Mar 16:59

artresin trademark diagram

We're one step closer!!!  Good news from our chemist: our new ArtResin formula will be exportable internationally!

There are 3 main properties I have been pushing for, which is why development is taking so long:

  1. no VOCs (exportable and safe!)
  2. serious non-yellowing properties (not 100% possible, but we can make something far superior to existing products... apparently we've achieved it!)
  3. 1:1 mixing ratio (this one has bee the hardest to get, because naturally resin want to be a 2:1 mixing ratio.... and the additives to bring it to 1:1 often yellow...

Please drop me a line via artresin.com to chat!

Lastly, our Canadian and USA trademarks are coming along! What a process. Apparently you do not patent chemicals because the patent gives away the ingredients and you can easily switch up some things to get around them.. so you call it a 'secret recipe' or 'proprietary formula'. Thanks for following along and all the interesting emails and phone calls I've been getting.

 beer cap coaster 02 coin and feather coasters 03

(coaster clarity testing - video)
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