Freedom and Language of Art

Posted on 03 Feb 15:54

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Greetings! Hope your year is off to a good start. It's our first newsletter of 2013!

Here's a thought to let incubate: As artists we understand art as a powerful communication tool. Sometimes what you have to say can be best said without the encumbering precision of language; sometimes a loose matrix for your message is necessary to allow for the richness of abstraction and interpretation to take over.

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Art does not carry one message or meaning--it carries as many as its viewers conjure up. It is its own flexible language. So... what do you have to say?!  


Dave's favorite piece of art ( date!)

A lot of my work focuses on escaping work... and when I paint, it is the best escape. I work in mixed-media and coat it in ArtResin, which seals everything in and unifies the overall look.

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