Glue, seal and finish your puzzle with ArtResin

Posted on 06 Oct 13:21

Can I use ArtResin on a puzzle? Good question!  Yes you can. 

Rebecca, with some help from her cats, will show you how to use ArtResin epoxy resin to glue down your puzzle and achieve a beautiful, glass-like finish.

A few key notes:

- mount on a piece of wood you cut to the size of the puzzle
- make sure your puzzle is level before you pour
- the ArtResin will seep though the crack and act as a glue as well as a topcoat finish
- use more resin than you think you will need.. trust us!
- consider learning about using an Artist's Torch to get a perfect finish. Only necessary if you're picky!  

We made this video because of a question that someone sent us through our contact form.  Send us an idea you are thinking about and we'll try it out :)

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