How To Pursue Your Passion

You’re a creative person. You wake up and you think, read, breathe, and sleep your right-brained passion. Your desk job requires your brain space too, and let’s face it, you have to pay the bills. Yet, all you can think about is the life you could live if you didn’t have to punch a clock, you could spend more time and energy creating and, best of all, getting paid for doing what you love. So how do you shift from living the dreary to living the dream?

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         1. Own what you love

          Don’t for a second think that your creative passion is ridiculous.

          What’s ridiculous is being a creative person who isn’t creating. Pay attention to what you do in your spare time: what you read, who you follow, what you watch, what you scour on the internet, what you think about when you wake up, what makes you light up in conversation, what you think about when you go to sleep. All of that stuff matters… That’s the stuff you enjoy and love. That’s your passion!
          And don’t forget to give yourself permission to “be” what it is that you want to be. You want to “be” an artist? You’re an artist! You want to “be” a writer, you’re already a writer!

            2. Practice what you love

              Once you’re aware of that creative passion that’s inside of you, act on it.

              Carve out time every day to practice that thing. Maybe it’s something you used to do all the time when you were younger, but your life and job have gotten in the way to the point that you don’t make the time to practice anymore. Don’t make excuses; allow that creativity to come alive and do it at least once a day!
              “Everyone has 24 hours in a day – 8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep and the last 8 hours are up to you”. - paraphrased from the Internet

              everyone has 24 hours in a day

                3. Put that vibe out there

                  Own it, practice it, and believe it.

                  Believe that you can make your “thing” a career. Read about people who have done it, follow them on social, get inside their head. Imagine what your life will be like if you got to live your dream, and you got to create your day around the thing that you love to do. Get in the driver's seat of the car you’ve only been a passenger in!

                    4. Talk to everyone

                      Tell everyone you come across what you want to be doing, what you love to do and what you consider yourself to “be” (even if you’ve never gotten paid for it before).

                      You never know when someone you know can hook you up with a job doing what you love, or put you in contact with someone who can help you get on your passion path. Once you’ve owned, practiced and put your artistic vibe in your world, you’ll feel incredibly confident talking to everyone you know about what it is that makes you light up.

                        5. Don’t compromise yourself

                          Take opportunity by the balls and make the best of any experience and chance that crosses your path… however, know your limits.

                          When it rains, it pours... Once you start putting your passion out into the universe, you’re going to start seeing a snowball effect of conversation and opportunity coming back at you. But - don’t try to take on too much too soon. Know yourself; know your limits, how much you can take on, and what you really want to put your heart and soul into. Don’t be afraid to say no to a potential client or customer if you think the work will compromise either one of you. Conflict of interest can arise if you’re stretched too thin, if your values clash or you don’t exactly agree with or understand their vision.

                          Tune into yourself, and be fair to you and the work that you want to do.

                          Now, go pull up your favorite websites, buy those books that are sitting in your Amazon cart, send a message to that person you admire on Facebook, start calling yourself that “thing” you want to be. You already are. Go be it!

                          start putting your passion out into the universe

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                          Kaylyn Gelata ditched her desk job to pursue her passion for writing and will never look back.

                          Kaylyn Gelata