Why There is a Heart in the ArtResin Logo? Posted on 09 Jan 22:13 , 0 comments


The good thing about Rebecca and I being in the creative materials industry is that we are our target market, so we just design and market authentically, and make stuff the way we would like to see it.


Some very basic psychology went into our brand.

Pink makes us happy, we love lots of color and a heart represents love.



In my past life as in advertising, over time, I began to think of new projects in terms of the base emotion that I was trying to effect.  People rely on emotion more then they rely on information to make decisions. 

The perfect video will get a strong emotional response, show a logo and connect it to the emotional experience, and then get out of there!

You can sell with fear, happiness, sadness, love, comfort, longing, envy, sex, anger, disgust...  make the viewer FEEL something.

I would usually lean towards a combination of happy and envy with a bit of passive sex.

To do this can be very basic.

Create an atmosphere that is unattainably perfect with smiling kids and a pretty face with the right music and you can sell anything - even if it has absolutely nothing to do with what you are selling.

This is a demo reel of mine from 2014 when I was in the industry:


Just get right at that basic emotion you want to target as directly as possible with cliche typical visuals, words and sounds that are linked to those emotions.


So why the heart?

Well, we looked at ourselves.

Who are we?

What gets us?

We want to live for a purpose. We want to leave the world in a better shape then when we arrived.  We want to make other people happy and to give more than we receive.  We want to love and be surrounded by love.


We believe that many artists have this longing to make a difference.  


Infact, we think that is kind of the job of the artist - to challenge the status quo.  To shine a light on injustices and make the world a better place :)

A heart just seemed obvious, and with a quick scribbled single line, Rebecca drew a heart with a resin drop in it.

Funny enough, it looks exactly like the Air B+B logo upside down!  We did it first!  2008 :)