How to Get FREE ArtResin Posted on 21 Apr 21:57 , 0 comments

Our new ArtResin formula is 1 month old!  So far the reviews have been really great... but we want to know what YOU think! So here's our idea...


We're offering FREE ArtResin Starter Kits in exchange for your YouTube video product reviews.  All you have to do is review our new formula, show the bottles in your video, and use the word 'ArtResin' in the video title.  Then send us the link to your video and we'll send you a $50 coupon for FREE ArtResin!  You won't have to spend anything to use the coupon and shipping is free, as always.  We mean it, it'll be 100% free... F-R-E-E !

There's no catch, however this offer is limited to one free kit per person. :)

Here are some sample videos for you (although you don't have to do a demo with your review): 

Kristofir Dean from Hamilton, Ontario, makes cool, colorful stuff.  We love how appealing and minimalist his pieces are all at the same time.  He also makes some rad hyper-­real landscapes that are worth checking out! 


Jany from Puerto Rico gets her craft on by pouring ArtResin into jewelry molds.  You can find her stuff on Etsy under shop name Cute Treats. #cutetreatsbyjany


So make a video and score some FREE ArtResin! :)