ArtResin Visits The Artist Project - Toronto, Feb 24 - 26th 2017

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Are you attending Artist Project Toronto in Toronto?
So is ArtResin!!

We'll be doing live product demos at the DeSerres booth!
Visit us:

Fri Feb 24 from 11am - 1pm
Sat Feb 25 from 1pm - 3pm
Sun Feb 26 from 3pm - 5pm

Make sure you swing by to say hello, ask questions, and to check out ArtResin - we'd love to meet you!!

Vote For The "Spread The Love With ArtResin" Entries!

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Last month, ArtResin announced a contest in honor of Valentine's day ...
We asked YOU to create a piece of artwork for your Valentine using ArtResin - the world's clearest, glossiest, non-yellowing epoxy resin :)

- Entries were to be posted on Instagram using the hashtags #artresin and #spreadthelovewithartresin
- All entries would be compiled into a video and you would vote in the comments for your favorite.  
- The artist whose piece had the most likes would win 10 GALLONS OF ARTRESIN!!!

Oh my gosh you guys, the entries!!!
We had SOOOOO many that we couldn't fit them onto one video!

So, we split them up over 10 videos, and are posting one video daily at 12 noon EST, with voting open for 24 hrs for each video.  

The favorites from each video will advance to a final Top 10 video - the favorite from that final video will become the Grand Prize winner!

So here are the videos ...
Take a look and vote for your favorite in the comments below!!!








Video 7 - you have until noon on Feb 22nd to place your vote!!

ArtResin Featured Artist - Amber Aasman

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We are so pleased to feature Hamilton, Ontario artist Amber Aasman!
Amber is so wonderfully approachable and down to earth - one of those people you feel like you've known forever :)

In our Featured Artist video, Amber shares the process behind her beautiful jewellery line, Wild Blue Yonder.

Though she's inspired by the vastness of the Canadian wild, Amber's real excitement comes from nature's tiniest details: tangled strands of moss, irregularities in a bit of tree bark and the patterns found in a piece of wood. Often overlooked, Amber allows these intricacies to become the heroes in her thoughtful, handcrafted work.

She also shares why she believes each and every one of us can, and should, explore our own artistic creativity.

Enjoy :)

See more of Amber's work at

Valentine's Heart Craft!

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Knick Knacks With Mack is back!  

And this time, Mack is making a Valentine's Day craft!

Using tinted ArtResin and a heart shaped silicone mold, Mack shows us how to make the cutest little mobile, made out of epoxy resin hearts:

♥   hang it in your window

♥   give it to your BFF

♥   gift it to your mom

♥   or surprise your secret crush ;)

So, ArtResin is the perfect non-yellowing, high gloss clearcoat for artwork,
but DID YOU KNOW ... it's the perfect medium for crafting too!!

AND - its non-toxic formula makes it safe for kids to use
( with adult supervision, of course )


Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more arts & crafts tips, techniques and inspiration!

Is AUSTRALIA the birthplace of Epoxy Resin in art?

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It's a Sunday night and my daughter is screaming at me for toast, and our sun is crying upstairs.

And I just want to write...


So here goes,

As we have entered this world of epoxy resins in art, it has always been interesting for us to see how Australia is so far ahead with using epoxy resin, considering it's population size in relation to the rest of the world.

To our art and resin related websites, Australia has always had around 10% of the online traffic.

This is more than the UK (third)

This is more than Canada (fourth)

This is more than the EU countries combined!


The USA has 300 million people and 80% of our web activity is from here.


So, why Australia?


I don't know.  But Australian artists were the first to mix colour into resin and create abstract pieces.


Australians also invented the circle canvas idea to go along with this.


At first, artists were using port hole covers from boats.  Now circle canvases are mass produced.


In 2008, when ArtResin flung it's doors open to the internet, I had 3 different people, on three different occasions, write me angry emails saying that they were the first one to use epoxy resin in their art practise and that I was hurting their career by telling others how to use Epoxy Resin.

3 different angry people.  1 from Canada, and 2 from the USA.


But Australia is where I see the innovation begin.

Those Australians!


But, this begs the question?



And that is really and truly how I feel.

Ideas grow out of ideas.

Nothing is new under the sun.

However you want to say it...


The faster we share the faster we grow.

The more we give the better we all become.


When an artist says that they do not want others to know how they make their art, I smile and leave.  They become invisible and forgotten.

They have missed the point.


Okay I have to go Zoe is really yelling now.



Rock on Australia!  We are all watching :)




The Best To-Do List in the World!

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I have tried all of the digital, smart phone app, techno solutions.


Some people love them.  That's great.

I like pen and paper.


Right-Click and Save a .jpg of the TO-DO list template here.


For those of you who find that they are losing ideas, falling behind and feeling disoriented because of their unsatisfactory to-do list system, this article is for you.


My name is Dave Zak, and I have been working on a to-do list template for 10+ years.  It has evolved into something fantastic... It also continue to evolve. Call me a nerd, that is fine.  Others call me a super-nerd!

note: At the time of writing this email, I am referencing my early 2017 paper to-do list template.  Download it and print it off (x 10) and this post will explain how to use it!


Let's get started:

- Print off 10+ of these at once and keep them in a pile.  I suggest digitally filling in the bottom right 'goals' column so that you don't have to rewrite this part all the time.

- I suggest you re-write a new list every 1-2 days.  This is best to do at the end of your day, or before you go to bed.  But sometime I do it mid-day or in the morning.  I've even done it on a plane and a train.

- Every-time you rewrite your list, also add in notes about a next little step for an item, or switch the item into a different column (this will make sense soon).

- When you are done something cross it out.  Even scribble it out!


Let's go over this template section by section.  I will start at the top and work down.


4 Top Left Icons

Over time, lady wisdom has made it very clear that almost anything regarding your health and performance can be solved by focusing on the basics of life.

Did you drink enough water?

Are you eating well?

Have you exercized?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Every once in a while just look at these icons and scribble on them.  Check off some that you are doing well and scribble a circle around an area you need to work on.

This is a healthy reminder.  Let's not overthink what it takes to be healthy...


Top Line for the Current Date

I suggest that you write in the day of the week, the Month, Day and Year.  This will show you when you last re-wrote you list, and if you lose your current list, you can find an old list.  Oh, I save all these lists in a box in a cubby by my feet.

Oh, I also make art out of to-do lists :P


Top Right Circle Blank Face

When you make a new list, draw in how you are feeling.  It is good practice for your emotional intelligence and mindfulness.  If you are sad or worried draw that in.

Often i draw a big happy face even if I am not happy.  I find that I fool myself a bit.  Fake it till you make it!  Drawing a happy face kinda makes you happy.

If you notice you are always drawing sad faces, then deal with that!  Get some help. Seriously.  Other people are helpful and nice :)



Currently, this template has 'Today', 'Maybe Tomorrow' and 'Sometime'.


Obviously, write the stuff here that you want to accomplish the next time you have a chance to work on things.  

Sometimes I force myself to write things that I NEED to do but don't find fun, right at the top of the 'today' column.  

This way it is in your face until you just do it.


Maybe Tomorrow:

For things where you say, 'Ya I gotta do that, just not right now, but soon.'



Put things here that one day you would like to get done.  Eventually items here either disappear or move to 'today' or 'maybe tomorrow'.

If something stays on this list for too long, then just don't write it back down again.  If was meant to be, then your memory will resurrect it in the future.



Shopping and Appointments

There are 6 boxes here.

In my case, I have also put the Rotary International Logo in box #6.  I put notes about Rotary projects here.  Being a part of my local rotary club is great.  It fills the 'I need to help other people and give back' part of my life.

In these boxes, put things you need to remember to buy, often organized by what store.  A dollarstore list, a Lowes List, a Grocery/Walmart list.  At Christmas time this is for gifts.


Bottom Right - Annual Goals

In 2016, my goals were on the bottom Left.  But whatever.  Here put your goals for the year.  Seeing them and reading them all the time makes sure you are working towards them.  

You don't have to read them all the time.

I suggest you edit the to-do list template so that your yearly goals are printed on every list.  You don't have to rewrite these all the time, just have them their.


Bottom Line Power-Thought

I use this bottom bar to write a 'power thought' that I find useful I change this maybe 2 times a year if I run into something powerful.  Right now it reads 'Relax. Be Kind. Be Here.'  This note reminds me to relax, be kind and be here. :)  I heard it from Tara Brach.



So that's the template! 

Go forth and prosper.


Why it is Important to re-write this list onto a new page:

Funny fact, the more you re-write your list after each work session, the more you get done and the smarter you work.  Just do it. The re-writing process gets you thinking about what next steps to do for everything is.  

Everything happens through a series of small tasks.

It also helps you either move forward important tasks and push back or even not re-write some items.


Anyways, I hope that someone finds this useful.  Let me know please because I could write this kinda stuff forever. 


Valentine's Day Contest!

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Roses Are Red,
Violets Are Blue!
ArtResin Has... 
A Contest For You!!

It's been said that the secret behind all art is love ... 
Think of all the poems and songs that have been penned, works of art that have been created and monuments that have been built, all devoted to the subject of love ... fleeting or passionate, unconditional or unrequited, but always inspirational :)

So in the spirit of love, we want YOU to Spread The Love With ArtResin this Valentine's Day, for a chance to WIN 10 GALLONS OF ARTRESIN!

Here's what you need to do:
- create a piece of art ( anything you want! ) for someone you love using ArtResin epoxy resin!
- follow us on Instagram at @art_resin
- film or take a photo of your project and upload it to Instagram using the hashtags #spreadthelovewithartresin and #artresin
- upload your project by noon EST on Feb 10th, 2017 !!
- we'll take all the entries and compile them into a YouTube video, and post it on our social media on Feb 14th, 2017
- you, our viewers, will then vote for your favorite and that lucky artist will receive 10 GALLONS OF ARTRESIN!!!

Contest details ( aka the fine print ):  
- contest is open to ArtResin customers worldwide, aged 13 yrs and older
- one entry per Instagram handle
- hashtag your entry with both #artresin and #spreadthelovewithartresin and follow @art_resin on Instagram in order to qualify
- winner will be chosen by popular vote
- entries must be in by Noon EST on Feb 10th 2017 and voting closes Feb 24th, 2017
- winner will be announced Mar 1st, 2017
- Prize is awarded as-is — no substitutions and no cash value
- ArtResin is not responsible for customs, duties, brokerage fees, taxes or any other fees incurred upon receipt of your prize
- YouTube is not affiliated nor is liable for material posted and releases YouTube from all associated liabilities

We are SO excited to see what you come up with!
Good luck and happy creating!!

PS - don't forget to hashtag your work with #artresin and #spreadthelovewithartresin so we can find you!

6 resin artists that know what's going on

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Artists are the best.

They make things, provoke thought and spread happiness. Artists have a very important job!

Here we'd like to share the past 6 monthly #ArtResin winners with you. 

Every month, we select someone who has used the #ArtResin hashtag on Instagram, send them a 1 gallon kit  of ArtResin FREE, and share their work with the world!  

It's how we like to spread the love...






Want to win a 1 gal ArtResin Studio Kit for yourself?!  Here's how! 







Casual Glitz

Seamster | Artist | Photographer Unique custom housewares all made in Fresno, CA. Inquiries at



Linda Nikkel Klippenstein

Artist•Abbotsford BC 🇨🇦Inspiring others to express themselves through art. 🎨💗Commissions or art lessons, contact me at




Amanda Bunning

Illustrator from Alberta, Canada. MacEwan Design Graduate. Does random art things. Contact:




me and my knife

Taped Metal Canvas




Firefly Notes

Designer • Maker • Mom of boys • History fiend • Link to my etsy shop below ⬇️




Rahmaan Hameed

•Canadian Artist 🇨🇦 •Creative Consulting/Branding •Art/Design •Fashion Design •Architecture •Snapchat👻 RahmaanH •Commissions: ✉️








Me too.

Great. Now go make something :)


Why Artists Need to Look into ArtResin!

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Go to any group art show anywhere in the world and you are likely to see some artist or photographer coating their work in Epoxy Resin.

Face it, epoxy resin make your work look like a 'product'.  


A coat of ArtResin instantly increases the value of your artwork because it looks more expensive.

It also keeps the colors underneath vibrant, acting very much like expensive UV glass that framers use.  UV light is filtered before it reaches your colouring mediums on the work.

Also, it makes the art waterproof and weather proof.  So it is protected!  Seriously protected.  Throw it in the ocean and come back tomorrow and run over it with the car by accident!


But can you use just any epoxy resin?


Heck no!

So many artists have learned this the hard way, and they come to us! 

Actually we started ArtResin becasue other resin from the artstore and hardware store ruined our art by turning yellow (and gave us headaches).




Most epoxy resin yellows badly over time, even to the point of 'chalking' which means it turns cloudy.  Some can crack too.

Here is a blog that goes deep into how epoxy resin yellows.


(The one on the left is the #1 selling brand right now in the craft industry.  Right is ArtResin.  Both exposed to UV light in the exact same conditions and time.)

Also, you have to wear a respirator with 99% + epoxy resin products out there.  We have heard stories from customers about how [brand name removed] made their teeth rot.  Seriously. Google it!  They had to replace all their teeth.  Others have had to stop using competitive brands because the started having seizures.

ArtResin was made for these reasons.  It has the best yellowing protection in the world and you don't need a respirator to use it.  The shelf life also has beat records, staying fresh in the bottle for months longer than competition.


ArtResin is the best Epoxy Resin hands down.  You can believe us, or check out the thousands of satisfied customers posting all over the internet (instagram link to #artresin)

See the newest work here: Current #ArtResin posts

epoxy resin posts by customer projects

So, have you not tried epoxy resin and need to be convinced further? Call me at 905 999 9941 and I am happy to chat about your ideas.  My name is Dave and I love talking to people who make things.




Why There is a Heart in the ArtResin Logo?

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Rebecca and I (Dave) like to think of ourselves as artists first, business people second (...or are we parents first, artists second, business people third?!). In other words, we run our company from the perspective of our own target market, so we just design and market authentically, making things the way we would like to see it.


Some basic psychology went into our branding:

Pink is pretty, warm and makes us happy (it's our daughter's favorite color.. lol), and a heart represents love of course. Prettiness, happiness and love... who can resist that?



In my past life working in video advertising, I used to think of my new assignments in terms of what basic emotion I wanted to elicit.  People rely on emotion more than they rely on information to make decisions. 

The perfect video advertisement will evoke a strong emotional response, show a logo and connect it to the overall emotional experience, and then get out of there!

Anything can be sold via emotion... you can sell with fear, happiness, sadness, love, comfort, longing, envy, sex, anger, disgust... just make the viewer FEEL something. To be very honest, I would usually lean towards a combination of happy and envy with a touch of passive sex. It can be very simple to achieve this; for example, create an atmosphere that is unattainably perfect (e.g. smiling kids, a pretty face, just the right music) and you can sell anything—even if it has absolutely nothing to do with what you are selling.

This is a demo reel of mine from 2014 when I was still in the industry:



So anyway, why the heart in the ArtResin logo?



This logo was born from a conversation between Rebecca and I in a coffee shop one afternoon long before we had kids (when we had time to sit in coffee shops together all afternoon!). We looked at ourselves as artists and asked, what do we like? what are we attracted to? 


For us, it's pretty simple: life must have purpose and beauty. We want to leave the world in better shape than when we arrived. We want to make other people happy and give more than we receive. We love being creative and we want to facilitate creativity wherever possible, in ourselves and others. We want to love and be surrounded by love


We believe that we're not unlike most artists; artists by nature have a similar longing to make a difference. In fact, isn't that the job of the artist—to challenge the status quo? To shine a light on injustice and make the world a better place? Hence our slogan, "Spread the Love!"  ...a play on the heart theme once again.

A heart therefore seemed like the obvious choice, and with a quickly scribbled line, Rebecca drew our now-iconic heart with a resin drop inside.

Funny enough, we've been told it looks similar to the Air B+B logo, just upside-down! ...But we did it first, in 2009! :)



So now you know why our logo has a heart in it. :) Do you like it?